Hi, I'm Eva (EE-vah).

I'm a digital project manager and UX designer in Portland, Oregon. A graduate of the University of Oregon Honors College in Psychology and Chemistry, I currently use my background to help create interfaces and experiences that align with users’ natural behaviors.

I enjoy working with clients of all industries, and find projects where a thoughtful user interface is valued the most rewarding. I believe user experience should guide the first questions asked when embarking on a new project, and should remain at the forefront throughout the project lifecycle. 

Some of my proudest moments include winning a pie baking contest (2014) and spelling bee (2004).

I'm frequently found at PDX UX Meetups. See you there!




SENIOR PROJECT MANAGER,10up, Globally Distributed (Remote) Digital Agency

  • Craft strategic project plans and task breakdowns with input from team members and discipline leadership that incorporate iterative milestones, illuminate project risks, align delivery with set timelines and budgets, and account for resourcing availability.

  • Successfully execute project plans by exhibiting ownership of task assignments to assigned project personnel, proactively removing blockers, and ensuring alignment of production output with expected milestones.

  • Deliver fixed price, retainer, and T&M projects within expected timelines and budgets.

  • Act as the day-to-day Project Manager for 4 - 7 active client projects, exhibiting senior-level strategic ownership over all client meetings, written status updates, demos, and iterative scope / expectation management.

  • Possess complete project awareness at all times, proactively tracking project budget and scope, identifying risks and mitigation paths and delivering thoughtful, routine, comprehensive client updates.

  • Ensure superior quality deliverables by engaging cross-discipline leadership, enforcing rigorous QA processes and standards, and taking senior-level ownership of end to end delivery and client satisfaction.

  • Maintain highly collaborative relationships with discipline directors to achieve elite project outcomes.

  • Lead discovery engagements (onsite and remotely) that expertly define cross-discipline project requirements. Translate requirements into comprehensive project approaches / plans that align with established timelines and budgets and can be executed successfully by project teams. Collaborate with Accounts to develop scopes of work following discovery.

  • Demonstrate an expert understanding of underlying client business goals and objectives. Consistently identify strategic opportunities to engage with the Account Management Team and collaborate towards building strong, long-term client relationships.

  • Serve as a guide and advisor to clients to move them forward while navigating clients' organizational complexities. Jan 2018 - Present.

SENIOR DIGITAL PROJECT MANAGER, Connective DX, Digital Agency in Portland, OR

  • Identify and articulate client business needs and opportunities for growth.

  • Strike a balance in focus between engineering, business strategy, and human relationships.

  • Educate and align the development teams on client requirements, and serve as the client’s proxy with the development teams during the build cycles.

  • Lead scoping and estimating activities while identifying and documenting risks and assumptions.

  • Develop, maintain, and communicate timelines spanning from a few months to multi-year projects specifying phases, activities, deliverables, deadlines, resource staffing, and other project expenses.

  • Serve as a guide and advisor to clients to move them forward while navigating clients' organizational complexities. Apr 2015 - Present.

UX DESIGNER/ TECHNICAL PROJECT MANAGER, Adpearance, Inc., Digital Agency in Portland, OR

  • Creation of user experience strategy, website layout, and functionality via wireframes/mockups.

  • Create and propose website budgets, technical project requirements, content creation requirements, and post-launch maintenance recommendations.

  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to create and propose business and marketing plan to clients.

  • Engage in all client communication, create timelines, and ensure that deadlines are achieved from beginning to end of new websites, including Intake, Wireframes, marketing and SEO strategy, Design, Content Creation, Development, Testing/QA, and Launch.

  • Monitor day-to-day Project Team activities and perform temperature checks to ensure timeline remains feasible.

  • Predict potential issues such as future roadblocks or scope creep and address before they arise, and/or appropriate escalation when necessary.

  • Manage client expectations, solicit and package client feedback for effective action from Project Team.

  • Communicate ongoing project status to clients, team members, and senior management.

  • Oversee all internal and client website operation and maintenance post-launch, including determining priorities, timelines, team workflow, and quality assurance. Feb 2012- Apr 2015.

MARKETING SPECIALIST, Independent Contractor at Adpearance, Inc., Portland, OR

  • Planned, proposed, and created content for clients.

  • Analyzed client use of marketing channels such as social media and search engine optimization, gathered keyword/traffic data, analyzed user interface in both e-commerce and service sites. Feb 2012- Dec 2012.

PRIMARY INVESTIGATOR, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR

  • Designed original study and received approval from the Institutional Review Board and the Office for the Protection of Human Subjects. Recruited participants, adhered to Human Research Protection Policies.

  • Ran experiments on participants, documented all pertinent communication, collected, coded, entered, and analyzed audio, written, and numerical data to write and present a Thesis that was awarded Highest Distinction. Oct 2011-June 2012.

EDITORIAL BOARD MEMBER, Oregon Undergraduate Research Journal (OURJ), Eugene, OR

  • Set up the foundations for the University of Oregon’s first undergraduate research journal, serve as action editor and section editor for articles in the Journal’s inaugural publication, hire new editors.

  • Recruit high-level thesis authors, act as a liaison between faculty and students, and promote undergraduate research on campus.

  • Manage social media channels to promote OURJ objectives. May 2011-September 2012.

RESEARCH ASSISTANT, Decision Research, Eugene, OR

  • Recruit participants, understand and adhere to Human Research Protection Policies, submit materials to the Institutional Review Board, run experiments on participants, document all pertinent communication, collect, code, and enter audio, written, and numerical data, update electronic database. April 2010-June 2012.


Bachelor of Science, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR June 2012

Focus: Psychology, Chemistry, Robert D. Clark Honors College
Psychology G.P.A.: 4.0
Cumulative G.P.A.: 3.54


Project management: JIRA, Trello, GatherContent, Notable
Analytical: Qualtrics, SPSS, Google Analytics
Content Management Systems (in order of familiarity): ExpressionEngine, Wordpress, Magento, Squarespace, Drupal, Sitecore, Joomla!
Prototyping: Balsamiq, and playing around with UXPin